Ross Family {Faust Park}


Getting to spend time with this precious family of four early yesterday morning was such a blessing to me! I loved seeing the way all four of them love and enjoy one another so much! Phil and Laura’s two adorable daughters are exactly the same ages as my two kiddos, and so it was such fun for me to get to watch them celebrate some of the same milestones we are enjoying at our house these days!



Cousins {Family}

As families grow, it seems like we can never all be together enough, especially when we live far apart! I remember when I was little, my cousins were my heroes!! (They still are!!!) I adored everything about them, and loved every minute we got to spend together! Yesterday, I got to meet a group of cousins, a pair of beautiful, very feminine sisters, and a handsome and hilarious pair of brothers! The two sisters are here in St. Louis visiting their boy cousins all the way from Turkey!! It was my joy to get to document their precious time together yesterday in Forest Park!IMG_7612-EditIMG_7596IMG_7650IMG_7678IMG_7662IMG_7683IMG_7746IMG_7768IMG_7787IMG_7800IMG_7825IMG_7893IMG_8108IMG_8082IMG_8051

Erin Schreiber {Violinist}


I am so happy for all of Facebookland to know my dear and exquisitely beautiful friend, Erin Schreiber. She is my stand partner in the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, which means that I get to hear her masterful playing up close, EVERY week!!! She is the most beautiful violinist… I am so lucky! What could possibly be more inspiring? I’ll tell you! At the core of this stunning woman is a heart full of kindness, humility, and warmth. I have never known a truer friend, and honestly I feel so blessed that she is a part of my life. I love her so dearly, and I hope you will enjoy these photos that showcase her exceptional beauty!!


Heidi Harris {Violin meets Yoga}

Something fun has happened in my adulthood that I never expected, which is that I have found my first “hobby” or passion other than the violin – in photography.  As a younger person, people would ask me all the time what my “hobbies” were, and I would usually come up blank!  I have so enjoyed the freedom and time (my very supportive husband has allowed me!) to pursue this new skill…

Heidi Harris is a colleague of mine in the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (where she is Associate Concertmaster) whose pursuit of excellence in other disciplines has been a great inspiration to me for many years!  Heidi is not only an excellent violinist, but also a fabulous yoga instructor, and in these photos we get to see how beautifully the two can go together.  This photo shoot was such a blast for me — such a beautiful subject, posing so elegantly, on a gorgeous day in Forest Park!  What could be better?!


Beautiful Alice is ONE!

Well, hello, Miss Photogenic!!!  Alice Kaiser is one very special little girl who celebrated her first birthday this week after a year full of amazing feats!!!

Alice was born prematurely at 30 weeks on April 30, 2015 – I’ll never forget seeing the first picture of this precious girl in the arms of her sweet Mommy!  Her parents (and all of those who love them!) have marveled at all she has endured, how hard she has fought, and all she has accomplished in her first year of life!  Truly, beautiful Alice’s first birthday is an epic milestone to be celebrated in the grandest fashion!!!

I loved every minute of getting to take her One Year Old photos!  How could I not, with those gorgeous blue eyes and sweet, feminine poses?!  ….and that FLOWER CROWN!  I mean, really……. 🙂  Happy Birthday, Alice!!!


{Portraits} Violinist Nicole Fan

Brandon, Charlotte and I have had a busy last couple of weeks full of LOTS of travel — and driving!! We drove from St. Louis to Louisiana, and back, only to pack up again the next day and drive to Boonville, MO for the Missouri River Music Festival. Not easy on a little one year old, but she was a trooper — she started walking, like, for REAL, backstage at Thespian Hall where we were performing for the weekend!

But, I digress…..  🙂

While in Boonville, I had the joy of getting to photograph my new friend, violinist Nicole Fan, who was in need of some new PR photos. We enjoyed getting to take advantage of some of the gorgeous homes around Boonville — the homes have such gorgeous architecture and decor — and, it must be said after this SWELTERINGLY hot week, AIR CONDITIONING!! Yes, an indoor shoot was an absolute must with all this heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing here in Missouri! I was thrilled to get the chance to take some more pictures of a violinist — photographing my colleagues with their instruments is something I hope to get to do increasingly more of as I continue to develop my photography skills. Working with Nicole was a particular delight, as she is so very photogenic and full of personality! She was a real natural in front of the camera!

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