Beautiful Alice is ONE!

Well, hello, Miss Photogenic!!!  Alice Kaiser is one very special little girl who celebrated her first birthday this week after a year full of amazing feats!!!

Alice was born prematurely at 30 weeks on April 30, 2015 – I’ll never forget seeing the first picture of this precious girl in the arms of her sweet Mommy!  Her parents (and all of those who love them!) have marveled at all she has endured, how hard she has fought, and all she has accomplished in her first year of life!  Truly, beautiful Alice’s first birthday is an epic milestone to be celebrated in the grandest fashion!!!

I loved every minute of getting to take her One Year Old photos!  How could I not, with those gorgeous blue eyes and sweet, feminine poses?!  ….and that FLOWER CROWN!  I mean, really……. 🙂  Happy Birthday, Alice!!!



Stengel Family Christmas

I have enjoyed getting to know Kristen and Brad Stengel better as I have gotten to photograph their beautiful daughter, almost from her birth!  Now, sweet Sophia is 6 months old, and has all sorts of fun new tricks, like sleeping through the night(!) and sitting up!  It is always a pleasure to take pictures of such beautiful people in their gorgeous, immaculately decorated home!  Now, I’m inspired to at LEAST put up our Christmas tree!  Haha – Merry Christmas, Stengel Family!  2014-12-07_00022014-12-07_0009 2014-12-07_0008 2014-12-07_0006 2014-12-07_00032014-12-07_0010