Ross Family {Faust Park}


Getting to spend time with this precious family of four early yesterday morning was such a blessing to me! I loved seeing the way all four of them love and enjoy one another so much! Phil and Laura’s two adorable daughters are exactly the same ages as my two kiddos, and so it was such fun for me to get to watch them celebrate some of the same milestones we are enjoying at our house these days!



Cousins {Family}

As families grow, it seems like we can never all be together enough, especially when we live far apart! I remember when I was little, my cousins were my heroes!! (They still are!!!) I adored everything about them, and loved every minute we got to spend together! Yesterday, I got to meet a group of cousins, a pair of beautiful, very feminine sisters, and a handsome and hilarious pair of brothers! The two sisters are here in St. Louis visiting their boy cousins all the way from Turkey!! It was my joy to get to document their precious time together yesterday in Forest Park!IMG_7612-EditIMG_7596IMG_7650IMG_7678IMG_7662IMG_7683IMG_7746IMG_7768IMG_7787IMG_7800IMG_7825IMG_7893IMG_8108IMG_8082IMG_8051

Stengel Family Christmas

I have enjoyed getting to know Kristen and Brad Stengel better as I have gotten to photograph their beautiful daughter, almost from her birth!  Now, sweet Sophia is 6 months old, and has all sorts of fun new tricks, like sleeping through the night(!) and sitting up!  It is always a pleasure to take pictures of such beautiful people in their gorgeous, immaculately decorated home!  Now, I’m inspired to at LEAST put up our Christmas tree!  Haha – Merry Christmas, Stengel Family!  2014-12-07_00022014-12-07_0009 2014-12-07_0008 2014-12-07_0006 2014-12-07_00032014-12-07_0010