{Portraits} Violinist Nicole Fan

Brandon, Charlotte and I have had a busy last couple of weeks full of LOTS of travel — and driving!! We drove from St. Louis to Louisiana, and back, only to pack up again the next day and drive to Boonville, MO for the Missouri River Music Festival. Not easy on a little one year old, but she was a trooper — she started walking, like, for REAL, backstage at Thespian Hall where we were performing for the weekend!

But, I digress…..  🙂

While in Boonville, I had the joy of getting to photograph my new friend, violinist Nicole Fan, who was in need of some new PR photos. We enjoyed getting to take advantage of some of the gorgeous homes around Boonville — the homes have such gorgeous architecture and decor — and, it must be said after this SWELTERINGLY hot week, AIR CONDITIONING!! Yes, an indoor shoot was an absolute must with all this heat and humidity we’ve been experiencing here in Missouri! I was thrilled to get the chance to take some more pictures of a violinist — photographing my colleagues with their instruments is something I hope to get to do increasingly more of as I continue to develop my photography skills. Working with Nicole was a particular delight, as she is so very photogenic and full of personality! She was a real natural in front of the camera!

2014-08-25_00032014-08-25_00022014-08-25_0004 2014-08-25_00012014-08-25_0005 2014-08-25_0006 2014-08-25_0009 2014-08-25_0007

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