Gianna Sparks Senior Portraits

Gianna Sparks has been my beautiful go-to model this summer as I have enjoyed this time off from my day job to develop my interest in portrait photography.  There is no one sweeter, smarter, or funner (umm… sorry Gianna… lol) than my next-door-neighbor, Gianna, who has been so kind, generous, and patient (!) with me as I have dragged her on numerous visits to Forest Park so I could practice!  This past Saturday, it was finally time to do a “for-real” photo shoot with this beautiful girl for her Senior Portraits!  We had the most fun day – made even more fun when her hilarious sister, Lauren, joined us and provided Gianna with some verrrrry natural smiles as Lauren kept both of us in stitches!  Thank you for everything, Gianna.  We love you and your family so much.
















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